Path Of Exile

We're laid back but we do have some high ranking competitive players within the guild.

This website and information is going to be a work in progress for a while, but most of the information you can find in our PoE forum post will be OK for now.

This guild features the following at a galnce:

  • We have 100 guild slots.
  • We have 65+ guild stash tabs.
  • We have a Mumble VoIP server. (95% up time)
  • We don't over moderate the guild.
  • We have many active Officers in the game.
  • Active across both HC and SC!

We welcome new and experienced players alike and we try to help wherever we can. That includes build tips, gearing characters and helping through certain challenges or bosses when re-levelling.

You can join our Mumble server to talk about joining until we're actively recruiting when we'll post more information on who to contact:

Mumble Server Address:

Please check our forum post:


We're a laid back guild that enjoy partying up, playint together and just having some fun playing some games together.

We put fun before anything else. We don't like to judge, we try to help players improve where we can and generall support each other!

We use Mumble for out voice chat needs and you're welcome to hop in if you're interested in joining us on PoE or For Honor. Our server address is: and you can leave the port set to the default value.

This section will be updated with more information soon.

For Honor

We have a small group of the guild playing For Honor on PC. We'd like to keep this an active group and work towards holding events and giveaways for the members that play it.

You don't need to be a pro gamer to be a part of this group.

  • You must have a mic.
  • We don't care what faction you are.
  • We don't care what class you play.
  • We want you to feel welcome!

There are no real requirements, just don't be an arse and be willing to play on, we'll win, we'll lose, stick around and just enjoy the game with us.

There's no "application" process. Add: PatrickGrifiths on Uplay or join our Mumble server and hop into the channel. If nobody is around just sit in the AFK channel.

Mumble Server Address:

Here is our Ubisoft forum post: